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Ep. 87: Investing Long Distance in Cornwall & Scaling to Over 30 Rental Units

June 24, 2022

Haron is a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor for 9 years, a Realtor for 7 years, and an investor for 7 years. He started his investment journey with a single-family home in Oshawa in 2015 to build a retirement fund for his parents. Since then, Haron has aggressively scaled his portfolio in Windsor and most recently Cornwall where he has acquired a multi-family building, all while working full-time and investing long-distance.  Currently, Haron owns 15 properties and 36 rental units and is highly motivated to continue scaling up his portfolio in the multi-family space.

In this episode we discussed:

  • What Licensed Land Surveyor is and how it impact real estate investing
  • Cash-flow and analysis in Cornwall
  • Building a long-distance power team
  • Opportunities to invest in Cornwall
  • Multi-family deal analysis

and much more

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