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Ep. 92: Behind the Scenes of a MIC

August 19, 2022

In this episode we take a peak behind the world of MICs - understanding how they are funded, formed, grown and the role of Investors, banks, and more! 


Calvert Home Mortgage specializes in working with real estate investors, house flippers, and BRRR enthusiasts in Ontario and Alberta. They lend to investors who buy, fix, and flip or refinance properties for a profit. Calvert Home Mortgage offers no appraisals, low money down, and a fast turnaround.


Jesse Bobrowski - With over ten years in the real estate lending and investing space, VP of Business Development Jesse Bobrowski has a knack for making meaningful connections. He is passionate about people and leadership and is especially inspired to guide and educate people to help them achieve financial success. When not mentoring or building relationships, Jesse can be found at home with his two children, skiing in the mountains, or catching fish.


Garrett LaBarre - In Garrett’s work, he truly thrives to create an effortless experience for his clients. As an Underwriter at Calvert Home Mortgage, Garrett is committed to maintaining vital relationships and coming up with financing solutions unique to any client’s situation. Whether it’s playing or watching, Garrett shares a strong love for sports and particularly enjoys spending his time at golf courses.


In this episode we discussed:

  • What is a MIC, how they are regulated, and what risks are associated with MIC's
  • The investing timelines, returns, and what to look for in a MIC
  • How MICs are founded, grown, and funded 
  • The M&A World within MIC's 

and much more! 


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