RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast

Ep. 93: Building The Largest Wholesaling Company in Canada

August 29, 2022

Luc Boiron has been investing in real estate in Canada for 15 years and has bought and sold over 650 houses across the country. A former lawyer turned full-time investor in 2016, Luc is considered an "OG" wholesaler as the first person to wholesale at volume in Canada.

In addition to wholesaling and flipping houses, Luc and his wife also own a portfolio of approximately 100 rental units, including a few short-term rentals.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How he was introduced to the world of wholesaling and how he scaled up his business.
  • Scale and the process of hiring 40 employees and how his hiring process has evolved
  • How they scaled up a team in Quebec
  • Pain Points when expanding business
  • Their strategy for multi-families
  • How they manage their business

and much more! 

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