RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast

Ep. 88: Investing in Canada and the US

July 18, 2022

Dave Knight is a full-time first responder with a deep understanding and experience in multi-family, multi-family conversions, flipping, and student rentals and is now focusing on short-term rentals in the US. His podcast First Responders Wealth Network REI Podcast is a testament to his passion for helping others learn how to build wealth in real estate and create time, freedom, and security. Dave also offers to coach, and an online education program titled Real Estate Investing Bootcamp which can be found at 911wealthnetwork.com


In this episode we discussed:

  • How he manages his full-time job as a police officer with the demands of real estate investing.
  • His strategies in the Hamilton-Niagara region including conversions, student rentals and recently flipping.
  • What led him to invest in the U.S., and how he got started down south.
  • How he funded the property in the US and what are the financing strategies for the property as a dual citizen.

and much more


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